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Advanced Deep Water Choreography

More moves for deep! The demand for more deep water movement variations is the motivation behind this program. From simple to advanced, you will learn deep water combinations, choreographed and ready to use in your classes! If you love the challenge of choreography that fits the music you will love the way Pauline has used deep water movement vocabulary and formatted it into exciting routines.

Pauline’s choreography is always fun and easy to learn!

  • Eleven tracks of new choreography for deep water
  • Detailed deck demonstrations for every move and combination
  • Complete in water demonstration of all moves
  • Detailed choreography notes can be downloaded here.

The choreography was specifically designed to The Mermaid’s Lunch. The music flavors the moves, from jazz to eastern European, and the ukulele! Eleven tracks of music have been choreographed, providing you with the challenge of learning how the moves fit to the music.

The Mermaid’s Lunch CD is instrumental music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Larry Hudspeth. Click here to buy the The Mermaid’s Lunch CD.

$25.00 each

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