Moline Illinois Aqua Day 2017


$59.00 In Stock
$59.00 In Stock




Two popular workshops from Pauline! Tabata is a buzzword! Start the day with a very high intensity workshop. Then a topic that will be popular for many populations and show you the benefits of grounded movements.


DWTT – Deep Water Tabata Training                        (MDWTT)


3.0 AEA CECs

Tabata is considered one of the toughest forms of high intensity interval training. This workshop will teach you how to deliver a high intensity deep-water program based on the research of Dr Tabata. Inspired by his methodology learn the applicable moves that can be successfully executed in deep water. If you are looking for new class formats this workshop will provide a safe, effective program for your more athletic clients.


Gentle Moves                                                (MGM)


3.0 AEA CECs

We often need water exercise classes that can accommodate a variety of health issues, regardless of age. Gentle Moves will focus on balance training, gait training, and strength training without any bouncing on the pool floor. Learn how to keep the exercises active, but joint-friendly. Learn how to deliver a lively class full of functional movement that accommodates all ages.