Iowa Aqua Day 2017


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$59.00 In Stock




Two popular workshops from Pauline! Boot Camp is a buzzword! Start the day with a very high intensity workshop. Then delve into some detailed teaching skills by increasing your understanding of exercise purpose & benefits.


Power Moves Boot Camp                                    (CRBC)


3.0 AEA CECs

‘Power Moves’ are a popular intensity variable to offer to the intermediate or advanced level exerciser, and this session will investigate the true components of power moves and their viability in water. Interval training, anaerobic HR response, rebounding, and eccentric/concentric muscle work, will all be included. The lecture will also discuss and clarify ‘plyometrics’, and differentiate between true plyometrics and the plyometric derivative, the power move. In the pool we will work very hard, and include jump training!


Purpose                                                                        (CRPU)


3.0 AEA CECs

Why are you teaching that exercise? Every move must have purpose. Let’s analyze a whole bunch of our water exercises and gain a better understanding about the reasons to do them. Is it cardio fitness, strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, functional benefit, gait training, play & fun! Whatever exercises you are teaching you need to understand why and be able to explain the benefits to your participants. This workshop will truly help.