Hawaii Aqua Day


$59.00 In Stock
$59.00 In Stock



Two new workshops from Pauline! Our host at Windward has requested a focus on essential teaching skills so we will start our day delving into the purpose of our moves, both deep & shallow. Then it’s choreography all afternoon. A fun and very practical day!


Purpose                                    (KP)


3.0 AEA CECs

Why are you teaching that exercise? Every move must have purpose. Let’s analyze a whole bunch of our water exercises and gain a better understanding about the reasons to do them. Is it cardio fitness, strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, functional benefit, gait training, play & fun! Whatever exercises you are teaching you need to understand why and be able to explain the benefits to your participants. This workshop intends to help with that knowledge.


Choreography with Polly – Unplugged!            (KCP)


3.0 AEA CECs


MOVES, MOVES, MOVES! From simple to advanced, this workshop will provide 20 take home combinations: 10 for shallow, 10 for deep, choreographed and ready to use in your classes! Learn how to choreograph, and structure your moves to provide logical, safe, effective exercises for all levels of participant. Transitions and cueing will also be covered in detail. Take home all the moves!


Great workshop for new & experienced instructors!