Hawaii Aqua Day


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ONE FULL DAY covering a variety of topics!             9:00-5:00

Our host at Windward is providing pool time in the afternoon so our day together will be one continuous workshop with lecture in the morning and then shallow & deep-water applications in their lovely pool.


Topics to be included:


One of the hardest skills to perfect is the smooth linking of moves into a non-stop workout. Instructors need to understand joint actions and ranges of motion to make the sequencing of exercises safe and effective. Disjointed movement in water does not feel good, so we have to plan how we will join our moves together. There are simple strategies and then the more advanced ‘choreographic’ variations that will add challenge while still staying safe.



Water increases the challenge to postural muscles, stabilizing muscles, and vertical positioning. Water is constantly moving, so proprioceptive mechanisms have to continuously respond to body position, re-set spatial parameters, redefine equilibrium. Basically, water will keep pushing you off-balance, so even the simplest moves in water will have direct benefits for balance improvements. We will review our understanding of the importance of balance tasks in our classes.



While training new instructors I notice that they struggle with different arm actions to add variety to moves like jogging and cross-country ski. In deep-water the arms are always immersed so this is a great place to maximize the different arm patterns and constantly challenge the upper body muscles. Varying the plane of motion with the arms also challenges stabilization and core strength.



In every water exercise class we meet participants varying in age. In every class we meet participants with movement limitations. We teach ‘group exercise’ but within any group we have to accommodate all these individual differences. We cannot diagnose or do rehabilitation but we all want to help each person have a successful, safe workout. Lets review the exercise modifications that we can (and should) teach in our classes.




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