Would you like to host a Water Exercise Training Weekend with Pauline Ivens?

It’s easy! All we need is enthusiasm and a viable facility!

These notes outline the requirements to book Pauline Ivens to come to your facility and provide instructor training in various topics, for your regional instructors. Please review this information, and then complete the Information pages, if you wish to proceed with a booking. Often, you have questions before you want to book, so use the Contact Pauline to send an initial inquiry.
STEP ONE: The initial contact and request for a training weekend needs to occur 4-6 months in advance. The timeline does depend on how fast we make decisions and exchange contracts.

STEP TWO: You need to decide which Hosting Option you want to use. I can come to you as a “Guest Presenter”, or you can ask me to organize the event for you. Please read the options below:

HOSTING OPTION #1: You opt to organize the event, and I am the “guest presenter.” This scenario is chosen if the host facility wants to handle all the financial considerations. It means that I am invited to teach, and you cover everything, including my airfare, accommodations, meals, etc. You would design, print and mail a brochure, process all registrations, and then pay my fees (which are currently $195 per contact hour of education + expenses). The number of hours that I teach is mutually negotiated, but I do require a minimum of six hours when airline travel is involved. The aim is to get at least 25 paying attendees, up to a maximum of 40. By doing all the hosting, you have the potential to make the profit, after my fees and expenses are paid. It’s a great way to receive the training and make some money!

HOSTING OPTION #2: I do everything! I host many workshops myself. This means that I do the brochure, and mail it out. I then process all registrations, get myself to your location, teach the workshops, and cover all financial needs based on attendee numbers. There are no direct costs to you, as long as you can provide the pool, classroom, AV equipment, and support me in preparations. This option is the easiest one for you, but the highest risk for me. I would need to know that your staff are giving the event their full support, and helping me with the mailing. I would offer free places at the workshops for your instructors. It’s a win-win! You receive the training with minimal work, and no financial risk.

See a list of Pauline’s Workshops HERE

STEP THREE: Complete all the information about your facility. The following questions all factor in to the viability of your location for hosting a training weekend. The pool information must be detailed and accurate. Then we can really sit down and make the event happen!!! If you would prefer to chat first, just go to Contact Pauline.

Please CLICK HERE for the Hosting Application Form.


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